Eric Habyarimana, a baptized Christian, Sabbath keeper, and Master Guide in Adventist Youth Ministry, is the visionary behind With a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and enriched by courses like ‘Science and Religion 101’ from Alberta University, College of St. Joseph, and ‘A journey through western Christianity: from persecuted faith to global religion [200-1650 AD],’ Eric’s commitment to bridging faith and healing is deeply rooted in his personal journey.

Having experienced Jesus’ miraculous healing of his type 1 Diabetes, Eric’s faith was further strengthened, leading him to dedicate himself to God’s work through evangelism and witnessing. His gratitude for the healing inspires him to spread the message of hope, love, and a profound connection with the Savior.

As a Master Guide in Adventist Youth Ministry, Eric is passionate about nurturing the spiritual growth of young minds. His publications, such as ‘Igitabo Kibumbuye: Igitabo cy’Umuhanuzi Daniyeli’ and ‘Emerera Yesu Akwereke Uko Wambara,’ showcase his dedication to sharing the Word and the transformative power of faith.

Through, Eric’s mission is to empower individuals to embrace biblical teachings and principles, fostering harmony between body, mind, and spirit in their relationship with Jesus Christ. His personal testimony and unwavering dedication serve as a guiding light for seekers on their faith journey.

With a heart filled with love and gratitude, Eric Habyarimana endeavors to create a vibrant online community, resonating with the divine message of hope, healing, and a deeper connection with Savior Jesus Christ. His steadfast commitment to spreading the Gospel reflects the essence of, a platform aimed at drawing people closer to Jesus and embracing the abundant life He offers.