Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): is a platform dedicated to fostering a deeper connection with Savior Jesus Christ and spreading the message of hope and healing. Founded by Eric Habyarimana, it offers inspiring testimonies, biblical teachings, and insights on how to draw closer to Jesus in harmony with biblical principles.
The name "" was chosen with a specific intention. While the phrase "closer to Jesus" is commonly used and understood, we opted for "Closer with Jesus" to emphasize the idea of having a personal and dynamic relationship with the Savior. By using "with" instead of "to," we aim to convey a sense of closeness, intimacy, and partnership with Jesus Christ. The name suggests that we are not merely striving to reach a distant destination of being close to Him but rather to walk side by side with Him in our daily lives. It reflects the desire to have an ongoing, interactive, and personal connection with Jesus Christ, involving Him in every aspect of our journey. Through, we seek to encourage others to experience this profound relationship, one that transforms lives and allows us to experience the abundant life Jesus promised. In essence, the name "" reflects the heartfelt aspiration to be intimately connected with the Savior, seeking His guidance, love, and presence every step of the way.
Eric Habyarimana is the founder of He is a baptized Christian, Sabbath keeper, and a Master Guide in Adventist Youth Ministry. With a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and a deep passion for Jesus, Eric shares his personal journey of faith and healing to encourage others to experience a closer relationship with the Savior. provides a range of content, including articles, testimonies, and Bible teachings that inspire and encourage individuals in their faith journey. We aim to foster a deeper understanding of God's Word, promoting a harmonious body, mind, and spirit connection with Jesus Christ.
You can support by making a donation through our secure online donation portal or by bank transfer. Your generous contributions enable us to continue our mission of spreading the message of hope and healing to a broader audience.
We observe the Seventh-day Sabbath, as mentioned in Genesis 2:2-3, to honor God's design for creation. The Sabbath is a special day of rest and worship, where we set aside time to draw closer to God, study His Word, and find spiritual renewal.
The second coming of Jesus Christ refers to the prophesied return of our Lord and Savior. As mentioned in Revelation 1:7, He will come again with power and glory, bringing an end to sin and suffering. Believers eagerly await this glorious event, where we will be reunited with Him and experience eternal joy in His presence.
Hebrews 4:16 and Hebrews 9:24 highlight Jesus' role as our High Priest in the Heavenly Sanctuary. He intercedes on our behalf, carrying the investigative judgment. Through His ministry, we find mercy and grace in our time of need.
Yes, we welcome personal testimonies of faith, healing, and encounters with Jesus Christ. Please use the contact form on our website to submit your testimony, and our team will review it for consideration.
No, operates independently to serve individuals seeking a closer connection with Jesus Christ. We aim to embrace unity among believers from various backgrounds who share the common belief in Jesus as our Savior.
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If you have any other questions or inquiries, feel free to contact us at [insert contact email]. We are here to support and encourage you in your faith journey with Jesus Christ.